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on in her head."Truth is I'm scared," he finally confessed.My resolve hardened and I slipped my shirt off without a word.Slamming deep into you one last time, my cock erupts, flooding you pussy with me searing cum.You laugh a little and do it again, earning a throatier moan."Why the fuck won't

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you talk to me about this? What did I ever do to deserve being treated like trash!?" a male voice said angrily.I could taste her as my tongue ran along the wet imprint the excitement has made on her panties.She was wearing a white silk blouse that was loose fitting and tucked into a ruby red, fitted skirt that stopped just below the knees, I was envious of her skirt because having auburn hair red clashes and I can't wear red.Saturday, our personal war had started, where she threatened to become the biggest slut in the world, and I was determined to make the bitch pay.Company policy states that if a crewmember leaves the cockpit the Flight Attendant, they don't like being called stewardess any more, must stay in the cockpit until the crewmember returns.Nick looked up to find a large, burly man wearing a light blue polo shirt and jeans approach him.Second, you must tell me your inner, secret thoughts when you look at my naked body.I didn't need this kind of mind fucking.Then I sucked in some skin and gave it a sharp bite before sitting back up and lording over his naked body.I heard a case being deposited alongside mine in the back." "you'll need to say that again." "Ahhhoom...Darcy turned me further and put his lips near my right ear.

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