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She kept repeating words to the effect of "Oh God what a feeling," "I never want this to pass," "Shit I never thought it could be this good," etc.Anything else I need to know about you?" "So, I went through a phase after my marriage ended and the compass was significant because it kept me on course, .Nick looked at his bottle and saw he still had 1/4 of it left.That and the shoulders indeed make your back look strong.Look before we get ahead of ourselves, let's eat but I want to get to know you

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more.Lynn actually gave me a smile after a moment, the sweetest smile I'd ever gotten.I kneel on the chair as I straddle you, lifting myself over you.But seriously, I think I need to be cleaned up a little, you wanna have a lil fun in the shower?" She took his hand and led him towards her shower.I walked

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