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the way she rolls the thinness of my scrotum, my pouch, between her thumb and finger.Her face was a little flushed and her expression gave me the impression that she was pleased and oddly proud."What do you say we place a bet on this game, Jen?" you ask.And then you whispered in my ear that I would get to, and I quote, ''." I sat back, having finished her front.Unconsciously I thought of each warm wad of sperm caressing her insides as telling her how much I adored her, that I loved being with her, that I loved being inside her.So off she went to the bathroom.* * * * * On Tuesday I was finally able to speak to Lynn during lunch.I turn on the hot tap with my talented toes and feel swirls of extra hot water curl around me, my breasts float and bob, rising to the top of the water with their own buoyancy, my nipples peek out, puckering a little in the cooler air.My head popped back, a look of bewilderment on my face.In the meantime I had friended Sarah on Facebook.I fucked her hard and she was begging for more, finally I said I was going to cum.

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