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After a little bit, I removed my hand from your shaft to allow you deeper into my mouth."Hey, that was all your fault you know.I stretch over the length of the table to take a shot and hear a strangled noise from behind me.I could invite him out to the cabin to fish I guess."That it does, Jon," I say.He came up next to her and ran a hand across her neck.I was smiling when he finished and asked him "And yet you're interested in me? How long has it been since your last time?" "It seems strange but

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it was about the same time you moved in next door.I heard my name called and I jumped.Having my cock buried in this beautiful woman, relishing the textures, the heat, the inconceivable wetness of her, was an incredible event."I want to make you scream with desire," he finally whispered.When I did so

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she started unbuttoning my shirt and began talking to me in a very sexy voice.Therefore we four got busy checking for buttoned buttons and snapped snaps.Unsure of what I would find, I had at least somewhat mentally prepared myself.They reverted back to silence, neither speaking as they enjoyed the last intense moments of intimacy undistracted.Fast dances you sway, slow dances you sway slower."Now what else did I tell you?" "Baby, please," I whine underneath you, bucking my hips against you in a useless attempt to throw you off balance."Of course, it was so exciting when I worked out that was what you were doing, and really funny too." I was in suspense now, knowing that she must have picked up on what I had said at the end, but not wanting to bring it up for fear of seeming pushy.Her body; he owns and dominates at his own leisure."You vixen." He growls, then pulls back and slams deep and hard into her.I've got something to share with you, my dear readers.

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