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was a group of about five, all men and all over fifty probably discussing which management phrase to use on their employees."That was an interesting twist, with Jeff stepping out onto his porch," I exclaimed.I’m half Norwegian and half Italian, getting the best of both Scandinavia and Italy.Like

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spending the night last night.I shrug and lift my hands up in exasperation, making the jerking motion again with my hand, only faster.His first instinct, trying to carry him out, would have been the only viable option in combat.The other guys in his unit understood that, as a medic, he would look at things from a different perspective.Her cute little athletic shorts clung snugly to her firm round buttocks and tucked nicely up into her camel-toes.I want a real kiss."Ok, how about cards on the table, full transparency, complete honesty time?" "Ok.Slow, methodical, deliberate." "I love it when a girl likes to be spanked ."Whoa.I sadly smiled at her.The sound of our lovemaking filled the room.

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