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We always had quite a playful relationship, so I made sure she knew something was different.In just a few moments, she came back with a smile on her face.On a scale of one to ten this was a twenty.The owner, Salvador Zitti, had recently taken a young, trophy wife, and turned the day-to-day operation of the agency over to Walter to manage.As the evening drew to a close, I offered her a ride home and she gratefully accepted.It started from my clitoral hood and ran north for a couple of inches.To no

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one in particular she said, "He'll have fun canceling those cards and getting a new drivers license." She picked up the stool, sat down on it and signed the bar tab.She was groggy eyed and wearing a short, baby doll, nightgown.I'm single." "Gay?" I had to suppress a laugh because I was getting an

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erection.It probably stood 7 or 8 inches long and had a wicked upward hook to it but I was interested in his tongue first.And I've gotta say, those glimpses leave me wanting more." "Really?" she said, a touch of color creeping into her face.I bought the 4000 sq ft condo Pam had seen, another smaller one in New York and a nice 55 foot sport fisherman boat down at the marina.Wait till he gets that bill.Since it was Sunday and I wasn't expecting anyone, I checked the front door security camera.Sheeran.Well, it really doesn't matter, I got it out of her and I've taken care of that.Tell Pam not to worry; I think he went away somewhere, far away.The bar was deathly quiet and everybody was watching her when she said, "Drinks for the house on him.I have an urge to suck the head of your dick, too, but I'm waiting because good things come to the girl who waits too.I looked down and saw that he was still hard, still sporting that wicked curve.

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