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This had been building from 'hygiene' to 'sensual' to 'erotic,' over the last few minutes, but that did the trick.At my age, a repeat performance wasn't necessarily fifteen minutes away like when I was twenty.I feel her left hand brush against my hard cock.They were both still quite turned on and as they walked touched and tickled each other intimately.I heard Jenny's sexy voice answer back, telling me to come on in.Of course having a warm Beth wiggling around on top of my rested body might've had

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something to do with it.Chuck said, "Let me settle a bit first, I can't walk in all hunched over.Only I know how far.After a few steps I realized who Ida Mae was -- the hanky girl! She did a double take when she saw I was the groom.It was noticeable that he didn't offer any assistance to the second

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passenger (assistance only offered to females, apparently!).But he is interesting to talk with and doesn't show off his smarts.Her ass tightened up a bit so that he slid one hand down her body and started to massage the cheek he smacked.He playfully flicked his tongue along the arch of her foot to see if she was ticklish; where she normally would have been, at this point every sensation she received was too erotic to notice.Her thigh felt warm against mine.It was then I knew why I had wanted to carry out this fantasy of mine.My best man had arranged a night at a unique New Orleans style event, in a mega party center where a number of activities would be going on at the same time, and we would be in a dance hall with a number of other fun seekers.In between kisses he tried to ask her when her last time was, and she lied, saying it had been too long.I stared at Jenn's barely-covered pussy as I undressed.Dragons, please." She poked a rib and hip checked him.Their bodies radiated heat and made them slightly sticky, which neither seemed to mind.

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