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Thank god for the noise.Her hemline comes halfway up her thigh.~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ I woke alone, turned off the alarm, and reached out for Lacey.After apologizing and shifting around, she suggested we go to the bedroom.We live in Nashville - or I should say we lived in Nashville.Snot-nose got the message.There were some, mainly young office workers, who were more serious, wanting to keep fit for their various sports or, more often I guess, for their husbands.Seeing her name again after all

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those years brought memories of that night flooding back.Your hair whips across your face as you squint from the sun, at the same time giving me that half-cocked smile.With his free hand he tried to touch her tender, pink clit but she wouldn't allow him to get close.She granted most any man who knew

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her fairly well a fantasy, but kept her inner soul hidden to all but one.Your cries of ecstasy ring in my ears and my mind is flooded with images - of you standing on the platform with the sun on your hair; of your smile as I handed you your lipstick; of the sway of your hips under your dress as you walked past me on your way to the dining car; of my first glimpse of your breasts as I stood behind you and looked over your shoulder; of the lust in your eyes as you stood up and took my hand; of your nipples straining against your dress as we kissed in the moonlight; of that first breathtaking moment when I finally saw you naked before me.I stared down at Carol's face.How about we hop in the shower and we soap each other all up and down, and then I can run up to my room and get presentable for a day on the town with you?" Without saying a word he stood, naked in front of her, and held a hand out to her, pulling her up from bed.The deal had completed in the early hours and the cash was now safely in the bank."That was really nice", I said quietly as our eyes locked.It was a deep emerald green satin and fitted snug, the style flattered a fuller figure.“What are you doing you teasing slut? You never let me take that hole!” he asked me sharply, as though he was pissed that I took his cock out of me."Yes -- Hannah." "Belmont High School? Class of 2005?" Jake asked.You fail to sink the 8 ball on your first shot so it's my turn.

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