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it rubbed.My hands were still securely trapped behind my back and all senses but sight guided me.I knew this was not going to be a fun night.Yummy, even.I was really blond as a kid, almost white haired, and slowly darkened some over the years until I'm still blond, sort of sun streaked blond, but

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with a little help nowadays.In some ways I couldn't complain, because it was the biggest room in the home.And while my brain starts to regain the ability to form a straight line of thought, I can't help but think "when can we do that again...."This view was shitty.I needed to talk to her.I saw pictures of the party posted on Facebook.At the eager prompting of the small crowd of party guests, our cowboy began to dance around the room and with every girl he shared a short bump and grind with, he lost a piece of clothing."Tonight I'll fill it up with something else." He bit her earlobe lightly.

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