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Renee liked his looks from the start, from his black hair and piercing blue eyes, to his neatly trimmed beard and very white teeth.And also to see the lust in your eyes and hear it in your voice." Lisa was silent for a while, slowly brushing her hair without really noticing what she was doing."That's okay." he said finally "We'll work on it and eventually you'll really be able to satisfy a man this way but right now give me all you can as I move it in and out." It wasn't bad at all and I was beginning

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to like it too much I suppose.The keys drop to the porch as she wraps herself around him, her hands clasp his back, lips explore his with ever growing need, she clings to him as he crushes her against the doorway.Grabbing her hips, I start long stroking her, feeling her squeeze my cock with her

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pussy.The bed shook with a wave.Not the tests, but the pretty girl attaching herself to me as if I was about to fly away.I groaned and sat my ball where she had and sent it toward the cup.Beth came hard.Something has very suddenly changed between us, replacing our sarcastic playfulness with something entirely different."You're not mad at me being with Donna?" I asked nervously.As the vibrator massages and teases my perineum, the head of my shaft is enveloped by a warm wet set of lips that had to be of a goddess.I slide my hand down your sexy arm muscles, feeling their curves with my fingertips.You're already a little hard and after I put my mouth on you, it doesn't take long before you're fully erect.Referring ominously to one of her fictional tragic romances was a first for her, and I was praying she was just sleepy.It was my first blowjob.I wiggled my hips.Looking in to my eyes she licked her lips.Any time he was able to see his two favorite girls in the same day was always a good day, but as it was Christmas, this one was especially so.I'm Matty," he said, "...and unless you're Maria, I've jumped into the wrong car." That made me smile, too, and I recognised the faint trace of what I thought was an Australian accent (it actually turned out to be a New Zealand one, which he was a little bit sensitive about) and one of my fears was eliminated as I realised that I definitely didn't find him repulsive.

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