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My hips easily find their rhythm with you, and I meet you thrust for thrust.How could he? How could he think she would ever want to see him again? Waves of new found terror gripped her and swept through her as she sat down in a chair and hugged herself.The pillow, her, pressed firmly against my cock.Lets get back home though, I have to be up and going by 7 o'clock." I said as I slid my g-string down my legs and hung it on his mirror.Best friends for almost 10 years, and we were losing her to you."

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I glared at her.I feel your hand suddenly between us.Dark, smoldering, coffee colored eyes and a radiant smile.Eventually she had just decided to leave.One early Saturday night in May, only two weeks before the end of the spring semester, Jack and I were in the mood to "get out of Dodge." Beth was

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out of town, and I sensed that Jack was in the mood for some infidelity.Her legs were on either side of my hips, and her pelvis was grinding against mine.Soon we found a rhythm we could sustain for a long time; a slow, sensuous combination of my thrusting for a while, then Beth rotating her hips while I held myself buried deep within her.All that did was make her try harder."Really?" I reply back, trying to sound calm and disconnected.I know you love her.We continued to hold each other until my penis deflated completely a minute later.As I was getting used to the odd intrusion, Eric began to rub my clit."Must not get ahead of myself." I thought to myself."Gotta keep going." She rolled onto her side, practically begging for him to spoon her.or do you want to see the others?" He pulled off her for a quick "Yes," but not much more.He pressed his thumbs into my nipples then rubbed them in a circular motion before squeezing them roughly in his hands.

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