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Like a lot of bigger women, she wore baggy clothes that hid her body.When I sold the company in 2000 for a bundle, I sent her a brand new Mercedes out of spite, and retired at age 48.Without preamble he said, "Why didn't you tell me that fuck head, Walter, was sleeping with my wife.Lust surged through me as I was transfixed by the sight of her big breasts jutting out.I hope that means what I think it does.After about half an hour of chit-chat, the conversation turned to love, lust and sex.She was

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dressed in a tennis outfit that showed off her long, tan, well shaped, legs."It's harder for me though," she said.he tasted only air.I came again a second time and despite my clenching he never stopped the rhythm.I had my knees up and my feet pulled back against his shoulders.I'm still sweaty and

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