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soon, and instead of pure elation, she felt a hint of regret, and sorrow, for the changes that were about to come.Fire away." She was smiling again and seemed more at ease.This was an odd sensation.I warned Connie.Well, any way, here's Oscar's.This was the point of no return.Although I had a stack

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of porno magazines showing oral sex in every angle, I still hadn't had a proper suck."Thanks, it's been too long." "Maybe we can catch up over dinner, or perhaps..." "Hey!" Jose said, "I'm trying to train the new person here, Jake, and we've got a lot of stuff to cover." Jake's eyes, filled with amusement, flittered over Jose.He didn't need this.Though only two of them had ever made it into her bedroom over the three years I knew her, I was envious of them every moment they spent with her.

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