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his shorts.Her legs were splayed fully open but her pussy was completely blocked by a man's head.She pulled back and then looked at me expectantly."You sounded so proud of yourselves, talking her into making that deal with me.That's a perfect weight for my height.I have pretty feet.Making sure

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to kiss you in all the right places along the way, I look directly into your eyes.She still had a lot of red spots, but they didn't seem to be giving her too much trouble.I pushed deeply, penetrating her throat.He loves watching people fuck."You know what I want you to do." I have a hard time verbalizing what I want.As I brought her nearer to her climax she moved as close as she could and whispered orders to me: "That's it, that's it, oh yes, fuck me with your fingers, squeeze my clit, God yes, yes, like that, keep pressing, move your fingers faster, faster, now, yes, yes, yes, yes!" I felt her pussy contract and kept the pressure on her clit and with my fingers inside her as wave upon wave of orgasm pulsed through her.Inwardly, she always wondered how she was viewed by the males species.His approving groan rattles in his throat.She had dropped to her knees in front of me, immediately taking the length of my swollen member into her mouth.Lydia let her emotions take over like I knew she would and came screaming after me.

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