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I now understand why you were crying at the wedding reception -- it's the same reason I was almost crying there." "You got it figured out, do you Beau?" "Yeah.So, let me ask a bunch of things I want to know.I trusted him but was the tiniest bit nervous."That's why you flashed me! You knew that Jenn was going to tell me to get laid while she was away, and you wanted me to be thinking about you!" Dianne gave me a terrific smile.I got out of my seat and kneeled on the ground in front of her chair.At

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first, small little pecks as I hear a slight moan come from your lips as my lips stroke your neck.I wanted to see her again.I swung at him and missed as he punched me in the stomach.And I have to admit those leave me wanting more." "Is that so?" she asked, turning pink.He finished up by apologizing

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