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I kept moving my body against hers and eventually she certainly noticed.When I finally climbed down from the table my hair was wet and crusty.My wife couldn't stand the long hours and low pay and found herself another man, divorced me and married him.She is one of my best agents and if I didn't have a new wife, I'd try to get in her pants myself." I had neglected to tell him about the happening of late this afternoon with Pam in my apartment, and I had to assume that he still didn't know the part

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his wife played in this little drama.I don't know if I ever met a gal that strong."Better," he said and this time I let him probe deeper with his tongue when he raised his head.Five minutes later she was back, now dressed in short shorts and a halter-top that hid even less than the tennis skirt and

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top did.Among them was Cara, a women I'd been friends with for four years.Her face was just a little below mine so that I didn't even have to bend to kiss her.He already had a boner that was nice and fat.She rolled me over, all the while not letting her pussy slide off me.My ass was on his chin.I kept it neatly trimmed but left the hair long, and crinkled."Can you smell that?" I asked him, "Can you smell me?" He attempted a lick but I had anticipated that and raised a bit higher just in time...My labium was smooth, shaved and honestly, right now, beginning to dampen along with the rest of my sex.She was nursing her drink and her voice had almost returned to normal when she said, "Sorry about that, I hate to air dirty laundry in public but he had that coming." I guessed her to be in her mid to late twenties, twenty-five or so years younger than me.She was shaved silky smooth and my fingers slipped helplessly over her hairless mound to press against her opening.Good things come to the man who waits."OK, how about this." She climbed up on the bed on her hands and knees with her ass high in the air, her legs spread a little and her wet snatch winking at me, inviting me in."I got to fuck you.

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