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ago! She glanced at the other drink in front of her and took some satisfaction in seeing that the ice in the gin and tonic had melted.His hand went to her waist and slid around her midriff and down to her belly, still just using his fingertips."We hang it up to dry, of course.My orgasm is still

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there, just waiting.I nod my head.I felt a psychic chill in the air but not fear, never fear when Loki was beside me.I dress slowly, still crazed by the intensity of our lovemaking."Well, late thirties gal," she sighed to herself in exasperation, "you can't expect to look like a young movie-star!" Her eyes dropped back to her drink.I gasp, my hands grip the sheets, as your tongue searches for my core.She kept her left leg on the table and now she propped her right leg on another parson's chair.We found out new ways to arouse each other that we would not have considered before then.Her mind wandered back to her dream and she could see herself trailing her fingers down his chest through the opening of his shirt.There is something strangely erotic about having my tummy the focus of attention.I was too tall for the bed.I fuck you with intensity, feeling my orgasm rising, pushing toward that edge.

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