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the brass doorknob and with a thrill of delight he watched her rub herself almost imperceptibly but deliberately against it.She preferred a salty, sweaty taste, but it didn't matter, because Matt was already moaning and thrusting, signaling she was halfway-through the ordeal.It's only a Hello, just one word, but I know."Right, what I am going to do next is stand you up, slide down your Lycra pants, sit you back down on this rock, spread your legs wide and eat out your pussy, I explained.As soon as he rubbed his fingers over it the first time she couldn't help but utter a higher pitched moan.This time her gasp was strong.He moaned as her lips slid over the dark, smooth skin of his manhood and he pressed deeper down her throat.He walked the three blocks to his house and as he opened the front door to go in he said to himself: "The worst of the day is over, thank God" and he walked inside.Matthew couldn't help but smile.I can tell it's turning you on because your breathing has changed and I can see your arousal straining at the placket of your pants.I answered in a mumble and began to take notes furiously.I'm so glad everyone tries that one; it feels so yummy," Mary teased.

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