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He also smiled and a knowing look crossed his face.Hitchhiking became a very real option to me.She knew he was saying thank you, although why she couldn't understand, as she felt it couldn't have been as good for him as it had been for her.I woke up this morning like any other Saturday, a nice long shower and running out to a local coffee shop to get a muffin and latte.Ummm….just get anything."Duh.Pinning you against the wall, I hold your hands above your head.rubbing along my sides, teasing your

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slippery breasts, then hooking behind your back, drawing you closer.You re-assert yourself, shifting so that you are on top of me.I hated when people do that.Soon we found a rhythm we could sustain for a long time; a slow, sensuous combination of my thrusting for a while, then Beth rotating her hips

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while I held myself buried deep within her.I accentuate my eyes with lots of mascara, even though I'll have a patch over one, because I want the real focus to be on my lips, which I paint pillar box red.However every once in a while, her voice had this deeply musical and very Spanish signature.In my heart I knew once I saw her shaved lips that I'd start coming.I slid my soapy hands between her ass cheeks and got her as slippery as possible.Your other hand has returned to my pulsating clit, circling it skillfully.Before a decision could be made, two short HONKS drew her attention.I turned my head over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of a dishwater blonde maid peeping through the door and then disappear.You push me up against the wall with such force, even though we are still lip locked it knocks the breath out of me.I love the occasional soft moan that escapes from her lips when my hands find just the right spot.

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