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I WANT IT ALL!!! I WANT EVERY LAST DROP!!! OH FUCKKKKK!!!" I drove down as deeply as I could and let fly with a torrent of gism.With your eyes closed and your mouth open you try to follow.Touching the mouth is a no-no.Not that it mattered to me.The sea was still cold even in July which caused a rapid

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reduction in the size of his growing penis.Gripping her hips firmly, he pushes himself back in, excited by the feel of her ass against his hips, and again they begin pumping each other with a slow steady rhythm.Her hips rocked back and forth and I could feel myself sliding in and out of her in a slow rhythm."You are absolutely the sexiest, best built, most attractive girl I've ever been with," he tells me and kisses me again, his hands running down my back and pulling my butt close against him.She moaned every time my cock dug into her pussy, moaning how good I felt, how hard my cock was, how much she needs me.However, my cue-ball control is spot on to set up the final shot of the game.I twist around in your grasp to face you and then point to the blue tooth headset in my ear, trying to indicate to you that I am not alone."What do you want Sugar, tell me." he breathed "Fuck me Darlin'" she answered "Not good enough," he said as he moved his cock inside her ever so slightly.I slowly placed another finger next to the other one and kept my thumb in her pussy.This thought that the pretty young blonde seemed to enjoy being watched sent a wave of lust through Evelyn stronger than she had yet felt and she knew that she would have traded places with Heidi in a minute if that could be a hard cock inside of her.Years later I found myself talking to an old friend from college.As I slide in and out of you, I pick up the pace on your clit and then it hits - you have another HUGE orgasm.

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