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"So, you want me to let you out of there do you?" she asked in a sexy voice.The electricity happening between us is something we can both feel.Yyyuuuurrrrgggghhhh! The orgasm is so intense I can't sit upright and slide off the toilet, lie on the floor, hugging my knees.Lay back and enjoy, let me move you as I need, deal?" It was more of a rhetorical question anyway.Condoms did protect against two things, and I wasn't exactly ready for a baby just yet.It was extremely hard to define..By the time

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you arrive on Friday afternoon I should have slept off my jetlag and be able to greet you properly.Don't say that." He takes her hand gently in his and carefully pulls it away from his chest.I slid my fingers through her long blonde hair and pushed it over to one side so that I could watch her as she

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began to suck my hard throbbing cock deeper into her warm talented mouth."A big part of this I know is me being a selfish prick, but I just want to fall madly in love with you and have something that is ours forever.This time he pushed her off, but turned her down onto the bed.I swirl my tongue around the tip and down the shaft before taking the tip in my mouth.Before I could blink, he pulled away and stared down at my chest.And Pat - Pat looked as though she could mold directly against his body.The stream there was more than ten feet wide and still more than a foot deep.For your entertainment, and mine, I'll be submitting chapters into at least 17 different story categories..With that we sat back down and began talking.You break the kiss and shake your head, both in response to me and as a way to momentarily clear your mind.

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