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"Right, so you dump me, won't explain why, and then I come back and you're already going out with Mr.We didn't say a word the entire time, just communicating through our eyes and soft caresses."Fuck me." She gasps, her fingers tangled in his hair as she tries to pull him up her body.She put her hand on my chest tentatively.I just said that we would be fucking.I tried to calm myself down as much as I could as we got closer.I took them in my hands and tweaked her nipples firmly and she gasped with

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pleasure Amazingly, despite already having come four times in not much more than 12 hours, I could feel another orgasm building.I really like it.Presently her nipples were poking well out, warm and swollen, the way I liked them.."Ah, fuck that's it.Blouse and tailored trousers.I also could not make

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out the details of her face but I had to believe that she was a knock out.After a quick shower and a rapidly conceived plan to visit a girlfriend that also had been dateless at twenty years old I hoped she would be home and might be willing to drive around with me until we could find something interesting to occupy us.I led Carol back down the hall to my office.Works too! I barely sip the last of my drink before another one appears at my elbow.A mix of slippery juices and pre-cum were now lubricating me as I lost myself in the feeling of her perfect body.Occasionally stopping and leaving me in a state of suspended ecstasy before resuming with a relish.She'd gone skinny-dipping, had blown a boyfriend in the back seat of a moving car and had even been caught by her own parents having phone sex, all before she'd even left high school.She gripped the edges of the table in delight as she braced herself for each pounding thrust deep into her chasm.

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