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she, of her own choosing, had taken me down her throat just as I was cumming to avoid a mess, it was a different experience."Ride it baby", "Fuck me mami", "Faster ", "Don't stop", "Cum for me love".She took him in her arms and held his head to her breast, kissing his forehead and smoothing his

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hair with her fingertips.Occasionally stopping and leaving me in a state of suspended ecstasy before resuming with a relish.She gently took hold of my balls with her left hand and I felt those sharp claws ensnaring them.Kim whispered into her sister's ear while Mary stared at my crotch in a daze.It has been a true pleasure having you as a neighbor." I wanted to say something about keeping in touch, but MaryAnn's transfer was taking her to Phoenix and the chances we would ever see each other again were, slim to nil.They were in sync as Mary moved her fingers at the same pace I fucked Kim.Can I speak with you a minute? I...She liked sex as much as I did.His arms encircled me and I pressed my breasts more fully into him.

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