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"Alright, Nate.Rocking sideways, she darted her forefingers under the waistband of the pink thong and slid the panties down to her ankles, wrapping them around her left foot, and waving them aside.For you, and this particular request, I can multi-task -- not a problem.We did almost everything else." Dianne laughed.I tried to lick her clit again but couldn't concentrate because of what she was doing to me.I felt her move and knew she was awake now.We were teasing each other and neither of us knew

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when it would end.See you back in there? Save me a seat - would be nice to sit next to you .With that Mandy pulled out a small picnic rug from her back pack, spread it out and both women put the items for our picnic on the rug.Linda's towel barely covered her and it soon became apparent to me that

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John was very interested in looking at her legs as they disappeared under the very short towel.Renee eyed him coolly, not knowing if she was boring him or that he just wasn't interested.You can't do this to her!" "Respect? How am I supposed to respect her after the lies and deceit? After what she did with him?" "But you weren't supposed to know! She could try everything, and bring the things she liked to your marriage, give it to you on your honeymoon.Yup, she's playing with herself.Your thighs and butt really look good in those tight pants.Unexpected, it startles me."What, you don't want to come on my hand?" he asks, almost surprised."Come on, we'll eat this at home." ------ We sat on the couch, munching in silence, regaining warmth.I taste you.Shannon was busy at the sink when he came behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.It was up to her if she wanted more.

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